Do you have questions?

Yes. If you’re alone you would press your abdomen firmly against a hard object like the back of a chair to relieve the blockage.

No. You don’t have to give the rescue breaths when performing Cpr. The most important part is the compressions.

It only take 6 minutes for someone to lose oxygen to the brain. That’s why it’s important to start Cpr right away.

If you are giving the rescue breaths went in because the chest rises. For the chest compressions you will not here a click so all you can do is go as far in the center of the chest. Do the best you can and don’t stop until help arrive.

Yes. Most people have broken ribs after a bystander perform cpr because the pressure that’s placed on the sternum.

You should stop if the person start to move or breathe, AED directs you to stop, scene becomes unsafe, professional rescuers arrive, or you are physically exhausted and can’t continue.

When performed on a person with in the first few minutes, a person’s chance of survival will double and even triple.

Anyone can and should consider learning Cpr. The more people that get certified the more lives can and will be saved.